The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) is the largest exhibition venue in the Middle East and possibly the most modern exhibition centr



The three day conference will highlight successful strategies companies can use to make their tourism products more sustainable. The event will challenge businesses and governments to addres

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World Green Tourism

Thank-you to everyone who attended World Green Tourism and contributed to the success of the event. Keep an eye on this site for 2012 plans. World Green Tourism (WGT), supported by the ADTA and the EAD is the only event in the region dedicated to the promotion of sustainable tourism. The 2011 event brought an impressive line-up of internationally renowned speakers to the conference, seminar and workshop programme which directly assisted companies in becoming more sustainable and a series of field trips to help understand what Abu Dhabi is doing to be more sustainable. The careers element of WGT invited local students to learn what a career in tourism can hold. For the full conference programme please request your copy now. Let us know what sustainable initiatives you have implemented; we will feature the best ones on the website. The World Green Tourism conference includes heavyweight keynote speeches and interactive panel debates that explore every important aspect of the sustainable tourism agenda. With a strong commercial emphasis the conference will allow you to be part of the key discussions about the future of the industry. More Carbon Management Companies Reading. Download the conference programme to view the full agenda, topics a The exhibition will showcase sustainable products, services and technologies relating to the travel and tourism industry. With visitors including hotel GMs, responsible travel agents and environmental consultants the exhibition is the ideal place to showcase your solutions. In addition the exhibition will feature existing and planned developments, hotels and projects that are taking a sustainable approach. For more information please enquire now. Site visits will take place to sustainable tourism projects in and around the city of Abu Dhabi

in and around the city of Abu Dhabi

Check out these Green Reading. Delegates will be accompanied by representatives of the ADTA and EAD as well as the consultants who work with them. There will be a presentation at the beginning of the trip on Abu Dhabi’s current initiatives to make the Emirate’s tourism more sustainable. Further information on specific site visits coming soon. New kind of sustainable tourism can protect uae's cultural heritage - top environment agency official Abu Dhabi court installs grid connected solar panels Middle East joins worldwide campaign for greener transport Attracting Nationals to work in the hotel sector Time to encourage sustainable tourism in Oman Tourism in Jordan doubling contribution to GDP Movenpick Deira secures Green Globe Certification Supporters Media Partners.

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